Elastrolink sensors is only rubber, no wire inside

Elastrolink is an innovative sensor thanks to the rubber properties

Sensor is kepping the rubber properties

Resistance to deformation

Compression, bending, elongation, twist with high stress are supported by the rubber without plastic deformation.
Standard sensors have elongation at break up to 400% with tensile strenght of 8MPa.

Electrical behaviour

Elastrolink is a mix of different rubbers
Sensors can be insulated


Standard sensors are water, UV and chemicals resistants from -45°C to 75°C
Polymer formulation can be adopted to reach specific properties with our development on demand program

Base Polymer
Temperature range -45 – 100°C
Acid resistant Excellent
Alkali resistant Excellent
Water resistant Excellent
Heat resistant Excellent
Base Polymer
Cold resistant Excellent
Wear resistant Excellent
Ozone resistant Excellent
UV resistant Excellent