Elastrolink the rubber vein sensor

Built arround a new technology, we make a robust, reliable and adaptable rubber sensor

Elastrolink is a rubber vein sensor

Elastrolink is made from hight value rubber coupled with reliable connection.
Thanks to its structure, it’s a passive sensor.
It makes compression, flexion, position and crack measurement possible.
The flexibility of the Elastrolink sensor adapts to your needs. It adapts easily to your different uses, video games, sports performance, safety…

Compression measurement

Elastrolink detects compression.
Pinch, touch and crush are detected. It is proportional from a touch to a pinch.

Flexion measurement

Elastrolink detects flexion.
It’s proportional according to the bending angle.

Position measurement

Elastrolink measures the movement and the position of the deformation. It can also locate a cut.

Crack detection

Elastrolink can be used as a security to detect cracking and cut. It locates the breaking point.